For the past 17 years, I've been refining my technique and musicianship here in WNY. The result of my labors is a string of successful performances, along with audience and critical acclaim in both solo ventures and bands. Prior to this area I lived and performed in Chicago, Orlando, Daytona & Minneapolis. I also toured the Midwest with my original band SIIN.

Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing & loving life!      

I'm passionate about giving back to the music community.

Magnificent. Simply magnificent.
At the conclusion of the concert, I was left breathless. Literally.

This is how angels sound in springtime.
The audience simply wouldn't allow him to exit the stage. Encore after encore!


Yes, that's me seated with the white shirt!

Carl Motyka

WNY Experience


How This All Started

 I  have loved to perform since I was a child, I started performing with my family at our local church and played piano recitals at Abbott Road Elementary School. Our family then moved to the Chicagoland area were I continued to perform in school choirs and plays. I also started playing in bands from middle school till now.  I truly enjoy performing for families it lets me see what music can do through a fresh, young set of eyes. Since moving back into the WNY area I have assisted in numerous middle school performances. I am always amazed to find that the level of musicianship of these children is nothing short of astounding.

I can say humbly and without ego that I'm not your average musician. I started my musical training at the age of 6 under the tutelage of my father Ron Motyka, himself a musician who played numerous bands over the years in WNY and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


It was clear from the moment I was born that music was to be my destiny. Almost as soon as my father could he was teaching chord theory and other formal constructs of music. This early training turned out to be invaluable, as it paved the way for my more formal training. I owe everything to him for his encouragement, many late nights coming out to see me perform both solo and with the many bands over the years The one thing that stands out for me is when he told me  " you have a natural talent and to never stop playing".